Building a custom home in Atlanta can be one of the most exciting, exhilarating experiences you’ll ever have. Imagine the fun and freedom of sitting down with a team of gifted designers to customize a plan for the home you’ve always wanted. Every swatch, every photo, every color chip, every note from your favorite design show represented. A home that reflects your style and personality around every corner.

Now imagine a builder who will listen to your dreams, hear what you want for your new home and then find a way to create it. A builder who has the buying power of a national brand, and who passes those savings on to you to make your custom home truly affordable. A builder who offers innovative solutions of unbeatable quality and value with total financial transparency.
This is how building a custom home should be. But for most people, it’s not even close. That’s because, of the many home builders in the Atlanta area, there’s only one who builds homes LIAM Homes.

And as a result of working in the Atlanta area, we’ve streamlined and perfected our process so that your experience with LIAM Homes is easy, straightforward and totally enjoyable from planning to closing.

when you build a home LIAM Homes Way

You’ll start by choosing an initial home design to work from. We have literally hundreds of floor plans you can choose from based on things like size, style, geography and lot size. And because you can change virtually anything you want, you’ll never have to settle for living according to someone else’s style.

The next step is all about customization. Unlike other builders, everything in your LIAM Homes home can be tweaked, noodled, or outright changed until you are completely happy with the home plan. Our designers will work with you to move rooms, change walls, reconfigure the exterior, or anything else you’d like to do inside or out, almost instantly.

Our designers will work with you on the process and what works best for your vision. You will get to discuss all of your preferences and concerns. You will choose cabinets, granite countertops, tile and paint colors. We want to make sure you are happy with your decisions.

We try to make it as stress-free as possible so you can focus on what makes you excited about your home. Only when you’re completely happy with the design and sure the home is exactly how you’d like it do we move on to the next step.

Pricing with us at LIAM Homes is one of the most exciting parts of the process, because you’ll never believe how much home you can build for the money. While most builders take weeks to deliver a quote on your home, we can give you a comprehensive, detailed quote within days.

You’ll know where every dollar is going, so you know there are no hidden costs and no surprises. If you want to add a media room, oversized closet, an extra eight feet in the kitchen, or customize any of the finishes in your new home, you’ll know what they cost and where they fit in the budget. You’ll also benefit from LIAM’s local buying power.

We’ve also developed strategic partnerships with the brand-name local and national industry leaders you already know and trust. And because of that, we’re able to buy superior products at lower prices and include them as standard features. That way, you pay much, much less. Now, it’s time to sit back, grab the camera and enjoy the view as your dream home appears piece by piece before your very eyes. Its our goal to make your dream home come true – you’re building LIAM Homes.

Floor plans and site plans are discussed to get the project rolling. Before the meeting is wrapped up, contracts and time-frames will be discussed as well. We take the time to get to know you and your requirements.

The framing walk-through is a focus on functionality; specifically on how you and your family will function in the floor plan. In this step, layouts of the kitchen and bathrooms will be discussed. Along with the location of electrical outlets, cable outlets, and phone jacks.

One of these details involves the lighting in your home. We want the lighting to match you, which is why we value your opinion when selecting the style and type of lighting for your home. We also have our customers choose the faucets for their home during this step.

After the drywall is installed, it is time to add your personal touch to your home. At this meeting we discuss and design the built-ins , bookcases, pony walls and other features throughout the home. We get your input on the fireplace mantle, closet layouts, and entry design that will be collected to be implemented into your home.

Style and curb appeal come together to make a great first impression. In this step we discuss the driveway, landscaping, walkways, and front steps. We do this with YOU ON SITE so you can make the best decisions for your new home. We are always happy to meet on-site to answer any questions along the way. It’s your home and you should be a part of it and impart your personal style on it.

Just before closing, we meet with you on-site to explain how all the systems function in your new home. We list decorating selections, instructions for granite countertops and wood floor care, plus a homeowners handbook. Additionally, we provide a touch-up paint kit complete with every paint used in the home, plus caulking and paint brushes.

We will followup with you the week after you move in and also one month after that to make sure you are completely satisfied. Most builders will leave you but here at LIAM Homes we pride ourselves on treating our customers the way we want to be treated.

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